"Not unlike Angels in America’s Louis, Canning peels back the layers of Peter’s self-absorption and self-loathing to reveal an undercurrent of deep affection."

Doug Strassler

"I'm obsessed with The Outs."

-Alan Cumming

Hunter Canning on The Outs

"Canning's Jack has always been tightly wound, befitting someone who's watching his every move after some serious mistakes (and likes to calculate his words for maximum effect), and he uses that discipline and stillness well here. Also he smirks cutely."

-Geeks Out

Hunter Canning on The Outs
Hunter Canning in Paper Magazine, Hunter Canning Beautiful People 2013

"The Outs looks great. The camera work and direction are akin to the shine of network TV and the actors are competent (especially Canning) and easy on the eyes (again, we’re looking at you, Canning)"

-TimeOut Chicago

"Absolutely gorgeous, and funny, and dark, and honest. What a great cast."

-Russell T Davies

"The Outs' success is also due in part to Canning's skillful portrayal of Jack." 

-Paper Magazine

Hunter Canning in Paper Magazine, Hunter Canning Beautiful People 2013

Paper Magazine dubed Hunter one of the

"Beautiful People of 2013"

Hunter was featured in the Backstage 30 of 2014. As Backstage describes they "reached out to casting directors, acting coaches, and other industry professionals with their ears to the ground about the actors who are teetering on the verge of stardom."


Read Hunter's interview here


"Poignant. Intriguing."

-Huffington Post

art work courtesy of Emily Lubanko

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